About Communiversity

Communiversity, the cornerstone program of the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History, was created to honor Dr. Sonja Haynes Stone’s dedication and commitment to education young people in communities.

Communiversity’s youth program is comprised of several after-school enrichment components, managed and run by University student volunteers, who teach and mentor participants and help them identify community resources. The program components educate, empower and expose participating community youth to various aspects of African, African American and Hispanic culture and history, along with other cultural traditions through alternative teaching methods.

Working in cooperation with other University departments, Communiversity also sponsors other community outreach programs that assist in building and/or rebuilding key economic and social resources.

In Our Voices: Youth Review of the Arts and Humanities is a component of Communiversity designed to expose students to various forms of cultural expression and allow the students to document the event in their own words. The program culminates with the production of a publication that reflects the participating students’ experiences.

Goals and Objectives of Communiversity Youth Program:

1.    Increase cultural awareness and understanding and be knowledgeable about aspects various of a multicultural society

  • Participants will be introduced to, and compare and contrast various cultures to gain knowledge and respect for their culture and other cultures alike
  • Gain exposure to higher education and career awareness opportunities.
  • Programs will foster positive attitudes towards diversity.

2.    Improve literacy and communication skills and increase success and achievement in school

  • Participants will read and write more and engage in thought-provoking discussions about what they have read and/or learned
  • Participants will complete homework assignments and connect their effort and completion to class/school success
  • Listening to others and participating in group efforts, recognizing that peer opinions differ from personal ones, and respecting all opinions
  • Utilization of computer and technology labs to communicate and learn new information

3.    Identify and use educational enhancement tools

  • Location of resources to aide in the learning process.
  • Utilization of UNC at Chapel Hill educational, career, and personal development resources.
  • Coordination of learning activities with teachers and school officials of the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools.

4.    Possess community building, leadership, and interpersonal skills

  • Identification of positive community roles and discussion of the importance of leaders in the community, both past and present.
  • Placement of students in various leadership roles to increase confidence in handling challenging situations in a productive manner
  • Participation in various activities ranging from team building to project-based learning.
  • Participants will exhibit a willingness to take responsibility for their actions/behaviors

5.    Establish mentor relationships between UNC at Chapel Hill students and program participants

  • Creation of development plans.
  • Participants will develop and improve positive self esteem and image.
  • Facilitation communications among home, school, and student to support learning.

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